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Women's Pink Tulle Nightgown Set with Flower Patterned Lace Detail

459.90 TL
Stock code 22145471
Brand Burcumay
Product Description

Women's Pink Tulle Nightgown and Thong Set with Flower Patterned Lace Detail

Elegance meets comfort! This unique nightgown and thong set designed for women is the perfect combination of sophistication and comfort. Crafted with exquisite craftsmanship, the soft tulle fabric adorned with flower patterns and lace details will enchant you.

The nightgown features a figure-hugging cut and is finished with elegant lace details. Its soft texture will soothe your skin while its graceful flower patterns dazzle. It has a delicate ribbon detail at the waist, allowing you to adjust it as desired.

The thong is designed to complement the same pattern and lace details. Its comfortable and flexible structure provides comfort throughout the day. With its soft elastic band and lace details, it offers a stunning look.

This nightgown and thong set is perfect for both everyday wear and special moments. When you want to feel special and stylish, this set will give you the desired feeling.