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Women's Triple Piece Grey Satin Pyjama Set with Robe

1,515.00 TL
Stock code 1920731
Brand Burcumay
Product Description

Elevate your bedtime routine with our Women's Triple Piece Grey Satin Pyjama Set with Robe, offering both style and comfort for your nights in. This set includes a luxurious satin pyjama top, matching pants, and a coordinating robe, providing you with the ultimate loungewear ensemble.

Fabric Delight

Luxurious Satin Fabric: Crafted from premium satin fabric, this pyjama set offers a silky-smooth feel against your skin, ensuring a comfortable and luxurious experience.

Complete Three-Piece Set: This set includes a stylish pyjama top, comfortable pants, and a matching robe, allowing you to effortlessly transition from bedtime to relaxation mode.

Robe Inclusion: The coordinating robe adds an extra layer of warmth and comfort, perfect for lounging around the house in style.

Versatile Wear

Effortless Style: With its chic design and timeless grey color, this pyjama set is perfect for both lounging at home and enjoying a restful night's sleep.

Mix and Match: Each piece of this set can be mixed and matched with other loungewear essentials in your wardrobe, offering versatility and endless styling options.

Experience the perfect blend of style and comfort with our Women's Triple Piece Grey Satin Pyjama Set with Robe. Order now and enjoy worldwide shipping within 2-7 business days.